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Right now the only way I can show you things is on this website that has the beach scene in the background.  

The picture below  is an example of what the web page and Email based newsletter might look like (just make your browser narrower to block out the beach background and just look at the photo with the white background titled Active Seniors Title).  The emailed newsletter and website can share the same look.

For the print version of a  newsletter we can use copies of the header and footer (look further down the page) to create a branded look.

This cloudy sky background shown is just one example of hundreds of looks we can choose from.  I'm not suggesting we use this one, it's just an example.  The "Template" menu shows a few hundred possible styles.  We just need to narrow it down to one we like.

We could use matching elements from e-newsletter and website on printed materials to brand and get a unified look.  Again, I'm not suggesting this cloud background, but just showing how they can be coordinated.  We need to pick a look and style that has the look we want.
Header for print version of newsletters shown below.
Footer for print version of newsletters shown below.  (Stripe of rippling water.)
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